Jake's Preseason Thoughts

Jake’s Current FPL Team Reveal 3-4-3


Flekken 4.5 – Flekken all rides on Raya on his way out. Brentford’s defensive strategy is to allow shots outside the box which can lead to lots of save and bonus points. If Raya stays I will likely go to Steele or if I can find the extra 0.5 Onana.   

Areola 4.0 – If starting for West Ham I am going to start with him. If not will get the backup to my starter.



Alexander-Arnold 8.0 – Trent is still the toughest decision for me. 8.0 is the second highest price for an FPL defender ever. However, once he was moved into the CDM role he averaged 6.0 ppg. That’s tough to overlook.

Estupinan 5.0 – Ranked 6th for xGI among defenders behind only the Liverpool outside backs, Trippier, Schar, and Perisic. Great fixtures to start he’s never left my FPL team.

Gabriel 5.0 – I think he is the most nailed defender aside from Saliba but with better aerial threat. He’s ranked 7th in xGI last year just behind Estupian.  

Udogie 4.5 – I am very much monitoring this situation. Postecoglou does two things I like for outside backs; 1. He has them appear in the middle of the field to create a numerical advantage. 2. He uses a lot of direct passes from the defensive line

Tarkowski 4.5 -  I may downgrade to a 4.0 but Tarkowski covers a lot of Pickford owners and also has decent aerial threat and good starting fixtures.



Saka 8.5 – He is the most nailed Arsenal midfielder and has great underlying numbers and is hopefully still on penalties after his Barcelona miss.  

Bruno 8.5 – I am not worried about the Mount situation. They moved Bruno to right mid and it didn’t work. His xA was around 17-18 last year depending on what source you use and he only had 9 assists. I expect that to improve and he’s on penalties.

Foden 7.5 – I have to have a second Man City attacker and currently I’m on Foden for 3 reasons. He has played a lot in preseason and Pep tends to stick with his preseason squad to start the opening games. Second the 7.5 price points gives me a lot of flexibility. Lastly, he exceeds his xG and xA meaning he’s a good player.   

Mitoma 6.5 – The Brighton headache is real. I guess I like Mitoma the most since he had the highest non-penalty xGI amongst Brighton midfielders.

Nakamba 4.5 – Looks nailed.


Halaand 14.0 – No need to discuss

Jesus 8.0 – I want a second Arsenal attacking asset and with the price increases of Odegaard and Martinelli I like this pick. Over the last 7 games he had the highest xG among Arsenal assets. Can he finish them though.

Jackson 7.0 – I’m all in here. Passes the eye test and playing the number 9. Nkunku is probably going to be on penalties so that’s unfortunate but I think saving the 0.5 is important.


Briefly, I am monitoring Alvarez and Pedro from Brighton. I could drop down on striker price and increase up to Onana, Chilwell or upgrade in the midfield. I’m also very unsure on TAA which would blow up the team.   

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