About the Hosts

Low quality picture, high quality content.

Marco and Jake started the pod in 2018 as a way to keep in touch and connect over their mutual love of soccer. At the time, Marco was living in Minneapolis and working as a public schoolteacher, while Jake was studying veterinary medicine in New York.

Both played soccer and were roommates at Ripon College in Ripon, Wisconsin. As we’re sure it’s no surprise to our listeners, they hated each other when they first met at Ripon, but eventually became friends. The first three years of the pod were full of good-cop bad-cop banter with Marco bringing the eternal pessimism and Jake the irrational optimism (except in regards to Arsenal).

After three years of content, Jim and Nick joined the pod, also prior teammates at Ripon. Both claim to be data analysts and contribute as much spice to the pod as an analytics manager and epidemiologist can bring.

We hope our annoyance with each other and banter about FPL is as entertaining to our audience as the sport we love. Enjoy!

-The AOTD Team